Dyson Hair Dryer Review

I’ve only had this blowdryer for 2 weeks and had wanted to use it more before writing a review. However, Sephora is running a bonus weekend of their Rouge/VIB sale this weekend, so I thought reviewing now would be more timely, so you can snag it at a discount.
I have really curly hair that I rarely wear naturally and I dread hair wash days due to the cumbersome blow drying that follows. The Dyson blowdryer has totally changed that!
I lusted for this blowdryer for years, but could never bring myself to spend the money. Last winter I had a keratin treatment done on my hair, to help make it more manageable, less frizzy, and quicker to blowdry. The keratin process takes several hours and costs several hundred dollars, depending on your salon, hair thickness and length.
While I liked the manageability results, I did find it led to my hair looking flat and less voluminous. Additionally, it completely wrecked my balayage color by causing the bleached hair to go extremely brassy. Add in the cost and damage to fix that and I knew I wouldn’t be repeating the process.
So when Sephora offered 20% off for their sale earlier this month, I decided to finally bite the bullet! The obvious payoff of the very steep investment is the time savings in drying, which is what I had read about in most of the online reviews. But I was also pleasantly surprised by how ergonomic and easy to handle it is. And it simply styles my hair better. My hair is smoother and shinier, like the cuticle is sealed. Living in Vancouver, it’s often drizzly with moisture in the air, and since using the Dyson, my hairstyles seem to hold better and not frizz up the way they used to. This means less or no touching up on non washing days. With the Dyson, I find my hair maintains volume and body, while still being silky and smooth. I used to always go over my blowdried hair with a flat iron or wand, but the Dyson blowout is so good, it’s the only step I need!
It’s also such a sleek and sexy design, with magnetic nozzles, which appeals to me as I’m a sucker for packaging.
I will say, for the price tag, I wish there were a better cord management system, as well as a storage bag.
But overall, if you spend lots of time blowdrying, I highly recommend the Dyson!
Sephora also has a Dyson x OUAI set for just the price of the dryer.
I hope this review was helpful and I would love input on what beauty tips or reviews I can share next.

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