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I have been on a quest to find more natural and healthy alternatives to daily items I use and deodorant was at the top of my list, due to the health concerns associated with the ingredients contained in most drugstore antiperspirants. Most antiperspirants use aluminum and essentially, the aluminum clogs our pores to prevent sweating. However, sweating is necessary for our bodies to rid themselves of toxins and clogging my pores is never a appealing, thus my search for a healthier alternative.

I tried a lot of natural brands but none made me feel as “fresh” as the drugstore ones, until I found Native! Native deodorants aren’t just aluminum-free and paraben-free, they are creamy and moisturizing for your skin and the scents are amazing and not artificial smelling like the drugstore brands.

Another thing that sets Native apart from the many other natural options I tried is that it isn’t messy, applies like the antiperspirants I’m used to, and doesn’t get on my clothes.

I started out with a Sample pack to try the deodorant and a few scents and all the scents I tried were great, but my absolute favorite is Coconut & Vanilla. Since it’s an item I use daily to start my mornings, it’s great that I love the scent and texture.

I rely a lot on reviews when making purchase decisions and Native has over 7,000 reviews on their site and all of them are 5-stars! Native also offers 17% off for subscriptions, offering you the convenience of auto-delivery, at a frequency of your choosing.

If you have been wanting to make the transition to natural deodorant, this is and ideal time of year to do so, due to the colder weather and our bodies naturally not sweating as much. There is an acclimation phase while your body adjusts to not being clogged up by traditional aluminum filled deodorant where by eliminating aluminum, you may sweat more and Summer isn’t the ideal time to go through that unclogging phase.

I have two tips from my experience to help with the transition period. The first is to swab underarms with rubbing alcohol before applying the deodorant (thank you to my nurse friends for this tip) to ensure you’re removing bacteria and excess oils. The second is to order the travel size to carry on the go for touch ups. During my the first few weeks of switching, I carried this in my purse in case I needed to reapply midday.

I have been using Native for over a year now and am amazed at how much less I sweat! By eliminating the aluminum and unclogging my pores, I’ve allowed my body to be able to regulate itself better. I also find my underarms are much smoother, due to the clean ingredients in Native, like Shea butter.

Native makes an amazing stocking stuffer for a health conscious loved one too, so grab a seasonal pack for you and a friend.

I hope you found this post helpful and I would love to hear your experiences with Native.


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