Shein Review & Favorite Pieces I Own

I posted a little boom of my recent Shein order arriving and had so many questions about my experience ordering from there, so I thought it would be a helpful topic to cover.

This sweater is a favorite and I had wanted a much pricier version before I found this one on Shein.

I have ordered so many times from Shein, and it’s very much in line with my high-low dressing philosophy.  I like to “invest” in timeless items that I will wear over and over and save on items that may only be in style for a season or two or to test a style I’m uncertain of.  Shein is perfect for this!  Overall I highly recommend Shein, but here are a few things to be aware of:

Carefully review sizing and customer reviews and customer photos.  This is very helpful in knowing how an item fits various shapes and how the material is in real life.  I personally don’t find the dresses to be long enough for me, and have also found some sweater sleeves to be on the short side.

I love this cutout sweater and received so many compliments the first time I wore it. These boots are the best OTK boots I have ever owned. The quality and fit is amazing and they don’t slide down! The sunnies are a steal and I love the matte finish!

Shipping time was another question I got and it really varies.  My orders have taken weeks to arrive in the past, but my last order arrived in under a week, so maybe this is something they are working on. But the items are shipping from China, so they aren’t as speedy as other retailers.  I live in Canada, so am always dealing with slow shipping, but if you’re American and used to the shipping times there, you’ll have to plan ahead if purchasing Shein items for an occasion or trip.

The quality of the items can vary.  I was blown away at the quality of this bodysuit and ended up ordering it in every color.  But generally, it’s typical fast fashion quality and I would liken it to H&M.  Again, it’s for trendy items that you don’t intend to keep in your wardrobe for several years.

I would say between sizing, quality, and fit, I have kept over 90% of things I have ordered. The site can also be a little overwhelming, like walking into a Forever 21.  There are thousands of items and it’s easy to go a little crazy…totally guilty!

I do really recommend Shein for adding some fun on trend items to your wardrobe.

Here are some more of my favorite purchases:

I love the straps on this $14 midi skirt and the fit is amazing. A great piece for an office wardrobe!

The frilled waist on these gingham pants is very flattering.

I was on the search for some high waisted buttoned pants and so happy to find this $17 pair!

This tweed skirt is an exact copy of a Zara one. I do find length of dresses to be an issue for me with Shein, so had to pair with tights. A heads up if you’re tall too.

This blouse was $11 and I love the pearls on the sleeves! The small details on these pieces really elevate your outfit.

I love this cardigan and leopard sweater for affordable casual pieces! I’m quite sensitive to fabrics and did find the leopard one a bit scratchy, so had to layer underneath. Again, reading the reviews is helpful. The same OTK boots in tan. They are so good, I bought all three colours!

I would love to hear about your Shein shopping experiences or any other questions you have for me. Please let me know if there is another retailer you would like me to review here.

Thanks for reading!


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