My Hair Routine

I have naturally curly and dry hair and it has taken a lifetime to learn the best techniques and products to tame and style it.

One of the things that most helps me manage my hair is only washing it twice a week. Dry shampoo is key for keeping it looking fresh on non-wash days. My favorite formula is this as it doesn’t weigh my hair down and I absolutely love the smell of this one. A tip for dry shampoo is to spray it at night, so it has time to absorb the oils and really have your hair looking fresh in the morning.

Another nighttime game-changer is these pillowcases that help to preserve your style thus avoiding restyling and they also help avoid dryness and tangles. Here’s a cute set with an eye mask. Silk pillowcases also help prevent wrinkles and waking up with pillow creases, so all around a great investment!

If you currently wash your hair daily and you’re balking at the idea of washing your hair every three or four days, I promise it’s doable and really improves your hair health, not to mention the time saved. It doesn’t happen overnight but you can train your hair to not become greasy as quickly by extending wash time gradually. If you currently wash every other day, add on a third day. For the first month or so, this third day won’t look pretty. Maybe a ponytail or bun style on third day. But after about a month or so, your hair adjusts and you can easily go three days between washes.

Now for my holy grail hair products:

When my hair is bleached, this shampoo helps keep the brassiness out. This treatment is key to maintain the health of bleached hair.

This volume spray is the latest addition to my hair routine. My amazing hairdresser used it to style my hair in the first picture and I was amazed by how great it worked.

My three styling tools are of course my Dyson blow dryer. I’ve done a full review here so won’t delve into the details. This wand set is my go-to for achieving curly looks. I love that there are three options to create a variety of curls. I use the smaller barrel the most, as the curls last longest. But I love the larger size for a more undone bedhead look.

This is my favorite straightener, and I’ve tried a lot! This straightener actually got me into investing into haircare, as one of my best friends got it for me over 6 years ago! Before then, I would buy affordable straighteners and the plating would wear off, or it would start snagging my hair, or simply burn out. So at least once a year, I would need to replace with another $50 one. Although this is a greater upfront cost, the investment has really paid off and the heat adjusting technology has also done less damage to my hair. The quick heat up and swivel cord are convenient features. And I love the peace of mind of the auto-off.

Please let me know your must-have products, as I love trying new ones.

Thank you for reading.


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