White After Labour Day

I believe that fashion should be fun and a self-expression and there should be no hard and fast rules to follow. I personally love the look of white clothes in winter, so I don’t adhere to the “no white after labour day” rule.

I think some keys to make the look seasonally appropriate, is mixing in cold weather textures, like suedes and knits, which is why I paired my white jeans with a chunky knit sweater and suede booties. The sweater is quite boxy, so I half tucked it to create some shape at my waist. I personally love white paired with other light colours, and not jewel tones or black, as I don’t find the stark contrast flattering or appealing to the eye.

I love the detail on this affordable sweater and paired it with these pearl earrings for a more pulled together look. The heel cutout on the booties adds interest and makes them easier to transition into spring.

Finding a flattering pair of white jeans can be tricky and this is a great thicker pair I have. A tip I have is to take them to your tailor and get the front pocket flaps cut out and stitched shut, so that the additional pocket fabric isn’t bunching or showing through.

Thank you for reading!

– Uzzy

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